Tao MeditationThe Tao Meditation website is a gallery for the work of Ram Chatlani. Tao Meditation retreats and trainings include sitting meditation, qigong, Yang and Wu style tai chi, Ba Gua, Tao Yoga and shamanic encounters with Tao.

[h5]Tao Meditation Provides[/h5][list_circle][li] Opportunities to benefit from practice during retreat[/li][li]One Retreat for each season[/li][li]A health based method of meditation accessible to beginners, highly beneficial to those with experience.[/li][li]A beautiful and nourishing retreat venue in the French Pyrenees[/li][li]Private retreats adapted to individual or private group needs[/li][li]A bridge between spiritual practice and daily life based in experience of both[/li][li]Daily qigong, tao yoga, ba gua or tai chi training according to retreat season[/li][/list_circle]

[blockquote] Taoists measure success through absence and abandon rather than accumulation.Using Taoist pranayama for stress relief, the aim is to abandon the inner blockages that bind us to accumulating ideas, things, goals. Instead, we aim to release and become fully aware in the body. [/blockquote]Tao meditation is beyond tradition, but strictly adheres to the lineages and the masters who  taught these methods and practices. These sources include the teachings of Master B.K. Frantzis with whom Ram has worked since 1991; the teachings of many Dzogchen masters and teachers with whom Ram has sat and from whom he has received teachings including Wangdor Rinpoche and Lama Lena; Burgs with whom Ram worked from the very beginning of his teaching on his return to Europe. The practices taught in Tao Meditation retreats are a synthesis of three paths: a Taoist path; a Vajrayana path and an Abhidhamma path. Ram is perhaps unique in having had such extensive exposure to each of these paths and their practical applications in meditation, movement and energy arts. [image_left_caption caption=”be still like a mountain” href=”#” src=”http://taomeditation.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/IMG_2064-1-e1396539936858.jpg”]

[h5]Benefits[/h5] [image_right_caption caption=”move like  almighty river” href=”#” src=”http://taomeditation.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/IMG_2057-3-e1396592070234.jpg”][list_circle][li]Improved breathing and oxygenation[/li][li]An authentic meditation method.[/li][li]Improved concentration[/li][li]A calm mind[/li][li]Increased energy[/li][li]Gain direct experience of how to meet and deal with obstacles.[/li][li]A method that can be applied in all circumstances, in daily life[/li][/list_circle]The benefits of meditation are well documented. The most significant benefits of Taoist meditation are that the method can be used in all circumstances. The method taught on Tao Meditation retreats was developed by martial artists and warriors in conjunction with monastic practitioners. Proven as suitable for battle where there is real risk of death, in daily life it capable of helping us navigate stressful and challenging situations.