IMG_2062 (1)[h5]Make contact & Let Go[/h5]

In Tao Meditation or pranayama as the Indian Yogis call it, one of the first principles you learn is just this: make contact and let go. Everything Taoists do is for efficiency. In a martial context, the contact is to touch the opponent. Through touch movement and intent can more easily be felt. Once there is contact, personal intent is let go, fear is let go. It is then that the higher intelligence can function. [blockquote]What distinguishes the Taoist approach is the emphasis on softness. Making contact with physical obstacles in the body, or negative mental characteristics, the approach is to make contact and then let go. Desire to force a particular result is considered personal and inferior to the higher intelligence that passes through all life forms, through all phenomena.[/blockquote]

Some practice principles [list_circle][li]make contact with your body-feel it settling.[/li][li]Don’t interfere or seek to adjust what you find and feel.[/li][li]Just sit, the body settling, the awareness observing.[/li][li]This is a first base contact.[/li][li] Make this contact and let go any notions of good or bad, desire to grasp, desire to have a particular experience.[/li][/list_circle]

[h4]What You Will Encounter on Retreat[/h4]

You will learn the method of Tao Meditation: it is a pranayama, a breathing method that is highly efficient for releasing all kinds of accumulated stress in the body, and ultimately in the mind. IMG_2739