Talking about what can't be described.

Stop Making Sense, just Change.

I’ve been immersing myself in ba gua to get away from the cheapest room in the house-fear. Fear the world has finally succumbed to the dicombobulatory effects of smart meters and wifi; or the fear that big Boris J. was possessed by an alien until we voted ‘leave’. Fear that the emperor is finally realising he has no clothes, but persists in the brazen lie that he is fully clothed.

Chilcott follows ‘Brexit’. The Tao Teh Ching reminds us: “In the places where armies march, thorns and briars bloom and grow….when a victory is won through war, it is not a thing of great pride.”

So I’ve been walking in circles. I can’t turn the vote around although I did suggest to a constitutional lawyer friend of mine that a challenge should be mounted in the Divisional Court. That is all that I could ‘do’.

Otherwise, turning and changing, making no effort to make sense, battling only with moods and levels of energy and application. As everything turns and changes there is noticing of the unmoving empty clarity of awareness, fearless in the face of change. 

Who is truly responsible for their actions? Those who lead us, guide us through the process of collective participation, collective agreement or collective coercion abandon their repsonsibility towards the people and pursue instead their personal ambition.

Ambitious leaders encourage us to stay in the cheapest room in the house. We have seen this over and again yet we seem powerless to make beneficial change.

The hidden beauty of challenge is that we can grow from it individually. Collectively, we grow by forging new worlds, new ways to behave responsibly, to use our immeasurable skills.

Aspiration seems to be less nobly expressed these last few years. Politicians profess aspiration without commitment, without belief. “The kind person acts from the heart and accomplishes a multitude of things.”

The situation is impoverished for us concerning Europe-it’s a point of view. We were right to invade Iraq-it’s a point of view. Mistakes can help us learn. We haven’t learned.

Ba gua practitioners, Taoists, Outsiders, radical thinkers or non thinkers, tend to stay away from the mainstream activity of exchange of so called informed opinion-usually hearsay- until they are pulled in by the centripetal force of change. That moment when you see that your karma and the karma of millions is joining through common challenge [was it ever otherwise?] is a good place to look for pure attention. Rather than talk his or her way through it, the outsider resorts to attention, pure and clear. 

It’s a mood thing. It is not abandonning responsibility towards what must be done, it is recogninsing that significant change, impending or imminent, causes our mood energy to change. Don’t abandon what can be done, must be done, spare a moment also for the clarity of non-doing awareness as the great resolver.

Clarity, clouded by the eight trigrams thunderously punctuating unusually rapid change, generates a massive centripetal force.

In ba gua practice, one method is to walk so much or so fast that the energies of the eight trigrams begin to inexorably manifest through the physical body. Holding on to the form that has facilitated the chaotic emergence of all eight trigrams improves stability, letting go the form-seeing it dismembered by the eight trigrams-grants the expereince that heals us of our fear.

It’s one way to get out of the cheapest room in the house. It is highly efficient, generates inner calm and spreads calm.

For a ba gua master, faced with 8 or more assailants, there is a massive centripetal force exerted as all calculation and assessment of the situation is abandoned. The master and the assailants are all pulled into the centre. Into and out of that chaos comes great wisdom:

“The world is a sacred vessel and it cannot be controlled. You will only make it worse if you try….the master accepts things as they are and out of compassion, she avoids extravagance, excesses and extremes….”

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