[h4]Conducting energy through sound.[/h4]

[h6]Retreat: 5th-11th November 2016 at Tourné[/h6]

This retreat will appeal to practitioners with some experience of qigong, pranayama and meditation. Equally, it provides an accessible entry point for beginners who wish to explore regulating the organs, improving concentration and releasing stagnant energy through the use of sound.

The method has been known to Taoists for over 2,000 years who proposed the link between specific sounds and the different organs. milarepathangka4-2

Sound waves open-or block-the body’s energy channels and meridiens. Specific sounds waves vibrate corresponding organs, vertebrae, muscle and tissue. The whole body is made up of movement and vibration. Despite the solid appearance of the physical body or any material, at base it is composed of an atomic structure that is in constant motion and thus responds to vibration.

[h4]What to expect[/h4]

The breathing and sound techniques improve concentration and sensitivity to subtle phenomena that can cause imbalance such as geopathic stress, electromagnetic fields and discordant vibratory sources.

Participants will learn the basics of inverse breathing and its benefits on the circulation of energy.

The sounds regulate imbalance caused by immediate external circumstances as well as treating longer term imbalance in the organs manifesting as anger [the liver], sadness [the lungs], fear and sexual imbalance [kidneys], feelings of disconnectedness [spleen], nervousness [the spinal cord].

Participants will use a series of harmonising sounds to ‘tune’ the organs.

We will work with the “perfect fifth”, the sacred sonic ratio expounded by Pythagoras in the west and universally recognised for its calming impact on the nervous system, its ability to help reach higher states of consciousness and to balance the hemispheres of the brain.

Working in nature when weather permits, we will investigate natural binaural sounds and the brain responses they produce as well as their impact on the overall sense of harmony.

[h4]The benefits[/h4]

It is the ease of access and the simplicity of these practices that are most appealing. Some practice is necessary to correctly ‘tune’ the body and mind with the sound, vibration and musical tones yet anyone can begin to tonify their organs using any of the series of sounds that will be presented during the retreat. With several groups of sounds being offered, there is freedom to explore the vibrations that resonate with each indiviudal.

Learning to hear the increasingly silent sound of breath opens consciousness to higher states and can lead eventually to hearing the sounds and pulses of the spheres-a fundamental ingredient in Taoist nei gung is just this, recognising the pulses and sounds in the body and their correspondence with planetary and stellar bodies. In the west, this was a philosophical concept based on mathematics-“musica universalis”. While Pythagoras is considered as the first to show the mathematical foundation of harmony through sound, Taoists have long used the sounds and pulses of the spheres as part of nei gung practice.

Using and recognising the impact of binaural sounds and beats can support and motivate lifestyle changes. Sustained use of the sounds, the mantras and other sacred chants proposed can have a profound impact on our sense of place in the world, our sense of connectedness and safety.

[h4]The method[/h4]

The retreat will concentrate on experiental and practical use of sound rather than theory. Participants will spend time listening, sounding, toning and chanting.

The first method will be to learn how to hear the silent sounds of breath, termed by Taoists as the HuXi. This method is easy to learn and to practice and quickly brings the mind to tranquility.

Additional methods to be introduced during the retreat:

1. inverse abdominal breathing
2. six tonifying sound producing breathing techniques
3. Five sound techniques to support healing the organs
4. The use of mantra to open the central channel
5. Mantra to charge and stabilise the upper and lower dantians
6. The use of protective and devotional sacred chants as a means to attune the body and mind, to generate a sense of connectedness beyond time and space and as a means to let go fearfulness and feelings of isolation.
7. Using sound as a means to open and realign the spinal vertebrae.
8. The sacred music of Gurdjieff and de Hartman: where mathematics and ratios become vibratory experience. We will also use music from other composers who use the sacred harmonic ratios in their composition.
9. The law of octaves: vibration as a means to plan or predict success in enterprise or adventure. Abrief exploration of how the mathematics of the musical scale applies to all enterprise and purpose.

[h4]level of experience[/h4]

This retreat will be useful to anyone who is willing to maintain a few minutes practice a day after learning the method. Those who have an existing qigong, yoga or meditation practice will find many associated benefits.

[h6]“Music helps to concentrate oneself. it brings oneself to an inner state when we can assume the greatest possible emanation. that is why music helps you to feel higher. “ Thomas de Hartmann, Gurdjieff’s pupil and chief composer.[/h6]


€499 includes full vegetarian menu, accomodation and teaching.
If you reserve your place and pay a deposit before 10th October the price is €439.

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