[h5]The Seasonal Retreats[/h5]
[h2] A Tonic for Each Season. [/h2]
Each season a retreat is offered at Tourné in the French Pyrénées. The retreats are  in silence with opportunities for formal and informal discourse. Each seasonal retreat subject is themed  according to season. All retreats use Tao breathing or pranayama.
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Spring Retreat. Pranayama/Tao Breath. Concentration. Investigation of the pathway of breath to energy. Marriage of Heaven and Earth qigong. Ba Gua Circle Walking.

Summer Retreat. Pranayama/Tao Breath. Complete instruction in Ba Gua Circle Walking. Single Palm change. Palm changes according to level. Using circle walking and palm changes as a way to adapt to and anticipate change. Using the practice to navigate difficult life changes.

Autumn Retreat. Pranayama/Tao Breath. Marrow Washing qigong. Making the body strong, the mind calm under stress, releasing stagnant or excessive emotions.

Winter Retreat. Pranayama/Tao Breath.Develop concentration. Using the body’s natural intelligence to conduct energy with Tao (yin) yoga.

[h5]Comments from previous retreat participants[/h5]
[blockquote]“Thank you so much again for this amazing spring retreat I enjoyed very much. It had quite a deep, settling effect and continues to process profoundly all kind of things now ..” RK, participant on 2014 Spring retreat.


“Tu nous as offert l’exemple parfait d’une profonde sincérité. Nous avons reçu une transmission directe de la Simplicité, de la Discipline et de la Joie. A nous maintenant de les appliquer. A l’image de ton immense générosité.” EB participant on 2014 Spring retreat. [/blockquote]
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[h6]Some images from previous retreats[/h6]