Tao Yoga, spring 2015


Prepare for this Special Retreat in 2016

In this spring 2016 encounter, “Tao yoga” refers to an overriding principal of all methods that aim for ultimate clarity. It’s simplest application is “Aligned with the Way”. In this encounter the ‘Way’ is not a cultural or ethical ideal, it is a principal that points to essence and clarity. What is the Way? That is what you may discover.

A unique shamanic encounter that bridges Asian and Amerindian shamanic traditions. Ram Chatlani’s experience invites modern people tired of struggling with small tyrants and invisible, distant adversaries and instead take the challenge of meeting the universal self

considerable time will be spent outside working in nature. participants will need a good level of physical fitness. as a guide, if you are able to comfortably walk for two to three hours at a reasonable pace, you will be equal to the general fitness level required. There will nevertheless be physical challenge.

you can expect to encounter the most formidable adversary-your own self, so that you may begin to release the deep seated emotional obstacles that bind you to habitual negative tendencies. There will be emotional challenge, opportunities to release.

Using an external method taught by don Juan Matus, you will have the opportunity to glimpse your highest potential as a foundation for true wisdom and insight beyond cultural influence. This method is the clearest of all bridges between the indigenous shamanic traditions and the wisdom traditions of asia.   Shamanic culture was never rejected, it was simply refined. You will encounter challenge to your habitual mental process with opportunities to continually re-align.

An encounter that is unique. Bring sincerity to discover the method and you will find the Shaman’s Wisdom Path

You will learn body postures similar to those found at Xochicalco, a lesser known Toltec site at which Ram spent time in the 1990’s when working with Victor Sanchez and Manolo Cetina. These postures correspond with Taoist and Indian yoga postures and are a gateway to a clear mind that has access to immeasurable wisdom.

Dependent on weather conditions, there will be a sky burial.

These methods point towards a sustained practice rather than momentary experiences. You will encounter experience, there is no doubt, but above all, you will glimpse a vista that has never been told, never been described completely and you may understand beyond words how much road lies ahead and for that you will be happy-that there is still road to walk. Now you may have the means to walk it with wisdom. If not, you will have the method to access that wisdom.

This encounter begins as soon as you make the sign.

abandon preconceptions, taste the freedom of openness;
abandon self imposed wounds and attention seeking and let your heart rest in the cradle of Tao; reject kindly your mental gossip and experience awareness free of ideas. The awakened state you seek is all around. You will sense it in the open space where the stars touch the earth in the heart of the Cathar Pyrénées.