Although pranayama is a Sanskrit word, the use of breathing techniques as a means to enhance sitting or moving meditation is found in many traditions, not least in qigong [chi gung] normally associated with Chinese culture through Tai chi, ba gua and qigong. In the Tao Meditation method, the pranayama  taught on retreats is a Water rather than a Fire method. Consequently it is much gentler while being extremely efficient.

The method is taught in different degrees of detail on each of the seasonal Tao Meditation retreats. See here for full details of the syllabus and a comparative table of elements taught in each seasonal retreat.

[h4]Benefits of Tao Pranayama[/h4]

Tao meditation pranayama is highly efficient and relatively easy to learn. As a water method practice, it emphasizes gentleness, constancy and sustained application.[blockquote]In a fast moving and stressful world that generates enormous amounts of radiation through electronic devices and wireless signals the cooling effect of Tao pranayama on the nervous system is highly beneficial. [/blockquote]

Some of the immediate benefits of

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