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“A private retreat with Ram and Paula supports my well being from every perspective. Inspiring, challenging, expansive teaching from Ram, with practical and insightful practice to take back to your daily life. Comfortable accommodation, friendly encouragement and nutritious food provided by Paula. With the grounding influences of air, earth, trees, water, sun, dogs, cats and donkeys.I truly feel I have begun to live again and can see the future.” M.P., Kew, London, May 2017.

Relax, Restore and Revitalise.

Personal retreats at Tourné with Ram Chatlani are your opportunity to deeply relax, restore and revitalise while gently learning a daily practice to help you live your life.  Combine your holiday or rest period with some activities that will support your health, your clarity and make smooth your emotions. The formula is simple. Choose your dates, making sure to check with us that there is availability and then choose your programme. If you are not sure which programme suits you don’t worry, Ram is an expert teacher with over 30 years of experience. Between us, we will find what you need and what will offer the best support for you.


Accommodation and Meals

Your personal retreat will be comfortable and we will provide breakfast and an evening meal for you. We can cater for special diets. We will usually offer you vegetarian food unless you specify otherwise. Accommodation will usually be in the main house with a private room and en suite bathroom.

For lunches we will make a bicycle available for you so you can cycle to the village to get provisions or to eat in the restaurant. You may of course drive or walk the 3kms to the village. This in itself is a wonderful opportunity. The Path to the village can be along the Artillac River or along the ancient footpath via the 12th century church at Lacazas. The walk takes 30-40 minutes at a gentle pace. We will also make our dining room available for you to prepare your own light lunches if you prefer.

home grown water melon from Tourné garden

The Private Retreat Programmes

The basic formula is for three nights minimum:

  • arrive between 4pm and 6pm on the first day
  • evening meal served between 6.30 and 7.30pm
  • informal meeting to discuss your requirements and timing of session
  • two sessions daily of 1 hour each are included in the retreat package
  • leave by 11am on the last day-final session will be at 9.00am
  • additional days or extra sessions are always available. We ask you to decide the lenght of your stay in advance, you can decide on extra sessions once you are here. Each extra day includes two sessions in the price.

What’s Available?

Your private retreat programme will be adapted to your needs and previous experience.

Choose from the following:

  • Tao Yoga-soft and energising
  • Chi gung [qigong]. Choose from:
  • opening the energy gates of your body
  • the marriage of heaven and earth
  • the marrow washing classic
  • the north star qigong
  • the eight pieces of brocade
  • five zang organs
  • ba gua-eight trigrams circle walking and palm changes
  • sound dao-in – using sound, mantra and sutra
  • meditation-a wide range of techniques, methods and traditions.
  • Detox-nourishing detox adapted to your needs.


The benefit of undertaking a personal retreat is simply to relax, to help you restore your composure and sense of well being and to have an opportunity to revitalise your energy while learning some practices that will support you in your daily life.

You will receive private tuition if you come alone, or as a couple or a group of friends, you will have instructions that are adapted to your immediate needs.

happiness is sometimes just a smile

You will be given a realistic programme of practice for when you leave, adapted to your needs and aspiration.

How Will I pass my time?

The emphasis is on rest and relaxation. While internet is available, we recommend that you leave your mobile devices switched off. You may be contacted in urgent need through the house telephone or e-mail.

view of the garden at Tourné

Paula will prepare breakfast and an evening meal for you. Tourné is rich in nature. There are many walks from the door of the house; the gardens are ideal for roaming, resting, reading or simply listening to the river. The forest is abundant, rich and welcoming.

Ideally, you will look forward to time alone where you can practice what you are being taught. You will have the chance to make friends with our three practice spaces or dojos as we call them. They are serene and supportive of introspective practice and releasing stagnant physical, emotional and mental  energy. Ram is usually on hand to give assistance and guidance outside of formal teaching hours.

We will make bicycles available to you if you wish-the voie verte is not far away and runs between St.Giron and Foix. A marvellous cycle and walking path that follows the old railway line that was abandoned many years ago. Many tourists visit the area just for this cycle path experience. It is a very easy and flat route that offers a truly wonderful way to experience mountain views and the rolling foothills of the Pyrénées.

voie verte at Baulou

Your daily sessions will be decided by you, but ideally you will have one session in the morning and one either in the afternoon or early evening.

the viaduct at Vernajoule on the voie verte


A Three day stay, arriving after 3.30pm on the first day and leaving before midday on the last day, including three nights accommodation, breakfast and evening meals, minimum 5 hours of teaching and a take home programme of practice: €450

Each additional day of the programme is €150


You can reserve and pay on line using this link. If the dates you require are not available, let us know and we may be able to open them for you.

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