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How is Tao Yoga Different?

tao yoga

The Teacher, the teaching and the taught. That is the difference and it is the same in all yogas.

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Seeking fame, attainment, celebrity, popularity, wealth and power are hindrances. These desires are released in Tao yoga leavung only the path, the seeker and the possibility to merge.
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Truly aligned, there is no posture, no dragon, no one seeking a dragon. Ultimate yoga is non existent. There is no yogi, no yoga. That is the play in Tao Yoga, undertaken with a smile.

I have called it the waking dragon series. Others have called it the yoga of the immortals.
tao yoga7 - Version 2
Tao yoga is soft, the postures have an inherent capacity to conduct energy through the meridien. As a means to continue or deepen meditation, Tao yoga aligns exactly with the universal notion of Yoga. Aligned and attuned to awakening, to energy and the duty of an awakened being to provide a good example of how to BE.

Oh the Tao! Most sacred of mysteries.


  • no postures are static
  • the majority of postures are held for a single breath before moving
  • ‘a single breath’ is considered to be 30 seconds or more
  • to arrive at a thirty second breath requires practice but is easily attained when well directed.
  • sessions are broken down into different formal sets
  • emphasis is on the appropriate mind state rather than attaining any posture
  • the Dragon is the untapped power inherent in limitless chi
  • seeking power is not the way to succeed
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