Talking about what can't be described.

How Heaven Helps

Characteristics of Heaven

Heaven,  Heaven energy, the influence of Heaven and the impact of Heaven-the qualities of heaven cannot all be told. According to Chih-hsu Ou-i, “creativeness sums it up”.

In practice, through ba gua circle walking and in particular through the first or Heaven palm change, there is the opportunity to align with the creative. Heaven as a concept is less significant than the energy of Heaven, the influence of Heaven and the impact of Heaven. Seeking the creative through ba gua circle walking,  it becomes increasingly necessary-and obvious if well directed- to understand that the creative cannot be grasped as a thing as such. When the influence appears, the impact strikes, the creativity simply flows through the practitioner.

This experience of seeking the creative and recognizing that the seeking is an invitation and not an obligation or certainty can provide a significant shift in view, attitude and response. Instead of expecting a result, a consequence, there is an increasing preparedness to simply let go. This can often be seen and felt in ba gua practice: you walk, attentive to all the details of mind, body and emotional alignment; you pay attention to what has been pointed out. You practice as the masters have indicated and one day, when you let go, you experience the walking, the creative. It’s been happening all along, except that now there is less ‘you’ in it.

Positivity is a characteristic as are initiative, progressiveness, supportiveness, persistence, perseverance. These characteristics are felt and received through ba gua circle walking and through sustained practice of the heaven palm change. Historically, before ba gua was developed into a martial art, the monastic practices concentrated on just this one aspect-the characteristics of heaven; without seeking them, the energy is recognized, the influence becomes clear, the impact obvious.

Whatever projects or goals we have, whatever obstacles we are facing, initiative, positivity, progressiveness and persistence are all characteristics that will be supportive. Ou-i speaks of the creativity of Heaven because heaven energy can provide the energy to evolve, to change and to resolve. Without using the ordinary thinking mind, Heaven resolves and creates through action. Ba gua circle walking is just that-resolution without thought. If we can achieve that, imagine how much less stressful life might be.

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