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Complete yogic qigong: Autumn Retreat

The marrow washing classic presented by Ram Chatlani, November 1-10th 2014 at Tourné is a ten day intensive residential retreat designed to share some of the delightful intricacies of this series of yogic movements.

This presentation of the forms proposes direct experience of the body’s higher intelligence as the most efficient healer.

Yoga practitioners in particular will find these forms open to a deeper understanding of classical hatha yoga asana.

The bones will twist at their very core as the marrow comes alive, the tendons and ligaments will stretch as the muscles  twist. Stagnant air will be expelled, stagnant energy will be quickly recycled. The organs come alive, the blood  is refreshed and invigorated. The nervous system wakes up and slows down as it harmonizes with the individual body needs shedding excess heat and nervous fizziness. Associated meditations undertaken during the form allows the heart-mind to open and deeply relax thus increasing capacity to endure stress.

This is a truly significant form,  ascribed to the monk Da Mo. I learnt it while studying other forms and receiving instructions from various recognized teachers of tai chi, qigong and ba gua such as Master B.K. Frantzis, Paul Lundberg [founder of the London shiatsu college] and my good friend,  and teacher of many years JimSi So. There are 24 forms in all. Each form has a dynamic element that requires weight shift, arm movement and stepping. The body will move, it will twist, bend forwards, bend backwards, bend to the side, it will rise up, drop down, it will jump and it will root.

This presentation of the Marrow Washing incorporates a fundamental and highly efficient principle, the source of chi, the source of mind, the highest teacher and healer.

In order to be its efficient best, it must be approached without previous concept. There is genuine “mystery” behind certain teachings and methods in order to distance students from their conceptual predispositions. The most expedient approach is simple willingness  to learn the movements, explore and practice them within certain guidelines, opening your mind to non personal higher intelligence, then you will learn from your own body, from your own higher intelligence.

Of all the many forms I have practiced over thirty years and more in yoga {Indian and Tibetan} , qigong, tai chi and ba gua this marrow washing series provides the most complete practice, the most definitive and easily accessible practice to enhance performance, to strengthen the body and the mind. It touches every fibre of the physical body, it acts on every type of materiality in the physical body. This is how I have experienced it and this is why I offer to teach it.

I’ve been practicing this form for nearly twenty five years. I would probably choose this if i could  practice only one form. I’ve seen how over the years, from the age of about 30 when I first learnt it to now, aged 56, my mind and body have adapted, opened, moved and grown with my own aging process. When i was learning this form, I was also practicing tai chi and ba gua and I had already a good command of over a hundred asana from many years of yoga practice.

I found and continue to find the Marrow Washing Classic is efficient like no other form. During the retreat you will be given all the specific details of alignment. Internally, you will be given mind alignments-how to settle your mind in each different posture and form in order to get the most benefit.

The method promotes free flow of movement and  encourages a non conceptual mind. This is easily achieved in the marrow washing when conceptual thinking is abandoned. This is exactly how Bodhidharma taught. Just do the movements attentively. You will respond to your higher intelligence directly. It takes time, but as you wait, patiently stripping away layer after layer of concept, you have fun moving, practicing, enjoying the movements and deeply learning from each one. This is exactly how Patanjali, the great yoga master encouraged us to embrace the divine: in movement and stillness. Postures, movements, even the name given to a form, evoke emotional and mental responses. To liberate that response and go deeper towards the source of the form, the very source of mind itself helps remove conceptual limitations.

To book a place on this retreat or to make an enquiry please e-mail Paula or see the Tourné website for more details.


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