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Summer Tao

Ba Gua Eight Trigrams Circle Walking Retreat
6th-12th August 2018



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Ba Gua, the Art of Change

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Ba gua: the art of change

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Ba Gua eight trigrams circle walking

In ba gua eight trigrams circle walking, ‘ba gua’ means eight trigrams. These refer to the system of hexagrams [two trigrams combined] of the ancient I ching, the book of changes. Ba Gua is also the abbreviated form of baguazhang meaning ‘eight trigrams boxing or palm’.

The link between the circle walking art and the book of changes represents one of the world’s most complete and definitive means of exploring and experiencing the laws which regulate all phenomena.

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Eight Trigrams, eight natural forces.

Each palm change and its representative trigram reflects a natural force by which change is expressed and experienced. In a world of rapid and radical change, ba gua practice supports calm and clarity in the face of the inevitability of change providing a unique experiential preparation for the inevitability of changes in our lives, moods, relationships and cycles.

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A circle of Health.

Of all the yogic practices of India and China, ba gua eight trigrams circle walking is among the most efficient as a means to ensure and maintain excellent health and fitness. Combining fast and slow movements, static postures, twisting, extending, crouching, lifting, carrying, turning, dropping, every aspect of the body-mind-emotions complex can be balanced.

ba gua eight trigrams circle walking

I Ching-The book of Changes

Ba gua is underwritten by the many thousand years old principles of the I ching or book of changes. Beyond philosophy yet not excluding it, I ching practice is made supreme through practicing the circle walking. Circle walking is walking the I Ching.

the eight trigrams and tai chi tu

All Can benefit

Now in its 10th year, the annual summer ba gua retreat is as always, open to beginners and experienced. The practices and methods are accessible to all. Experience builds through walking the circle and changing in accordance with natural forces.

High End Meditation

As a means to learn or develop any meditation technique, it combines meditations in the body, on the quality of mind, the source of our response to things and the essence of Tao.

It is a complete health, exercise and meditation method.


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