Nourish the Core

Autumn Tao meditation retreat focuses on strengthening the core. Sitting meditation combined with the complete marrow washing series. Why Wash the Marrow? introduces some of the medical and physiological benefits of the marrow. Complete Yogic qigong describes the autumn retreat in more detail. The Tourné website also has a description and you can see more photos of the form on Flickr

The Marrow washing Classic, a remarkable qigong set of 24 forms, moving and static. The flavour of Indian yogis, the discipline of Shaolin, the wisdom of Boddhidharma.

monkey king walks on clouds from the marrow washing classic


last part of cat gazing at the moon from the marrow washing classic







  • 05.45 Tao Meditation
  • 06.30 Tao Yoga
  • 07.15 Breakfast/pause
  • 09.15 morning session: Marrow Washing training
  • 12.00 Lunch/pause
  • 2.30 Afternoon session: Marrow Washing training
  • 5.00 Pause
  • 6.15 supper
  • 7.45 Evening meditation or discourse
  • 9.00 Rest

Marrow washing concerns nourishing the core. It represents the maturation of previous practice. At some stage, having accumulated a foundation in practice, having moved the body, analysed the way the body moves in relation to the individual mind, the time comes to allow the fruition of practice to flow to the centre.

The program will also include opportunities to adapt to personal needs.

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