The Time, The Place, The Participants

What is Tao Meditation?

Tao meditation is the website of the work currently offered by Ram Chatlani. The retreats offered are directed towards good health, gaining a harmonious being and finding true, lasting happiness. To arrive at these goals Ram uses his extensive experience as a practitioner and teacher of hatha yoga, qigong [chi gung], tai chi [taiji], ba gua circle walking and meditation. Health and happiness are basic requirements for progress on the path of life. Without good health, without a harmonious being and mind, without happiness, we struggle. Whatever your goals, health, harmony and happiness are essential ingredients for success.Tao meditation is beyond any specific tradition. We tend to use “Tao” rather than “Taoist”. It’s meaning is more simple:”the Way”.

Our Goal is to share with you some of the best and proven methods of movement and meditation for healing, health and harmony:

  • the physical, mental and emotional benefits of deep and improved breathing
  • to move the body systematically and freely  through do-in [tao yoga] qigong, tai chi, ba gua circle walking
  • to bring harmony and equipoise to the mind through meditation
  • to have increased and smoother energy for any of life’s pursuits
  • In summary, the proposal is to move freely and mindfully, to begin to let go the negative habit patterns of the past, to wake up to the innate potential within each of us, to begin to enjoy what we have rather than long for what has been lost or not yet gained.