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Life Changing Retreats. By the River at Tourné, mundane thoughts are cut short, emergence from habit is swift.

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“Merci à toi. Tous ces stages imprégnés de ton énergie m’ont marquée pour la vie.” EV, Mars 2015

“merci encore pour ce week end; Tes enseignements font à chaque fois echo parfaitement aux situations que je traverse, c est super; je ne sais pas qui est le chef d orchestre mais ça chauffe le coeur de constater que tout tombe au moment juste, comme une belle symphonie; Encore mille merci pour l énérgie et le temps que tu donne dans ces week end, c est vraiment précieux pour nous! “(M-L B, après un weekend à Lyon, printemps 2015)

“All practices, philosophies and teachings provide not the truth but a context for  seeking. There are countless ways, schools, teachers and methods. Ordinary mind compares them, higher mind abandons them, realised beings exemplify them.”

Ram Chatlani
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“How do you feel?” “Like one who awoke this morning not knowing if I will be dead by this evening.” “But is this not the situation for all people?” “Yes, but how many feel it?”

The Sufi Uwais

“How do you manage?” “By drawing the very essence of life with each breath.” “Is that not the situation for all people?” “Yes, but how how many feel it?”


Testimonials & Recommendations from past participants on Tao Meditation retreats

Also, thank you for the teachings from the retreat, which are with me now. I became aware that there is something very special being offered, & I was delighted to have been introduced to this, which I’ll go on enjoying exploring. Maybe for ever! Life has been simplified since Tourné for me, which I count a useful clearing. It works! Thanks for your guidance, the place, & to Paula for her supportive work & great cooking.{SJ, January Retreat 2015}

Thank you again for a wonderful retreat. I really felt the benefits so strongly this time and have already done my practice this morning. Hopefully I will be able to maintain and nourish the dantien presence and enjoy all the gifts that it brings.{AB, January 2015}

I participated in the spring retreat at Tourné and as always, I go back home calmer, more confident and with refreshed material to work with. Thanks to the warm welcoming of Paula and to the patience and clarity of Ram as for the way he teaches.(SB, May 2014))

Thank you so much again for this amazing retreat I enjoyed very much. It had quite a deep, settling effect and continues to process profoundly all kind of things now …(KR, 2014)

You offered us a simple example of profound sincerity. We received a direct transmission of Simplicity, Discipline and Joy. Now it is up to us to apply them. Here’s to the image of your immense generosity(EB May 2014)

I have taken part in several Tao retreats at Tourné. So rich and diverse are the teachings that each time it is unique. This teaching is present and alive in every corner of the place, the beauty of nature around, in the attention and love that has gone into every delicious meal and in the quality of practices taught and applied with humility and grace. I thank the entire team for this work.(SM, January 2013)